Sunday, November 1, 2015


indo LX tv a new community indo in california,the entertainment industry had just recently commenced its operations 1999. Established in 2005, it focused itself in organizing charity events and small events in the past. formally introduced itself into the industry by organizing the batak california community. With the overwhelming passion of its for the industry indo LX tv are committed to give the Indonesian community with frequent live entertainment events from international and local music concerts,with religious show,indonesia government show,indonesia etnis celebresion and shows.

With ME (owner) and family behind and running the FAMILY business, indo LX tv would like to assure the Entertainment lovers of Indonesia, that we will give our heart out to organize events for you all that are not only safe and attractive for all ages but also an event that is full of creativity and innovation.

Goals & objectives

To be one of Indonesia’s leading entertainment providing business.
To be able to give to the Indonesian Entertainment Lovers a high quality international and local music concerts.
To be able to be unique and make the company stand out in the industry where competition is fierce.
Core values

The core values of the company are not just a formality but the Board of directors would make sure that indo LX tv and its team adhere to the core values closely.

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